Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mail fairy

It's just like at summer camp-- the counselors/ PCVs walk around the cafeteria chanting "mail call." The kids who get something from home are the envy of everyone.

So far, we've been pretty envied. I tell everybody that it helps to be old-- we've had a lot of time to make friends. GOOD friends! Thanks to everybody who's sent news of the True/False film festival and other Columbia happenings. Keep it coming!

We will still be in training for another month, and the Lusaka address will always work (maybe slowly), but for anything you mail after today, use our new address:

Lisa &/or Trevor, PCV
Peace Corps
PO Box 510203
Chipata, Zambia

If you do send one of those fancy $11 international priority envelopes, besides afixing a customs form that declares a value of $5 or less, cram it full of useful items: rubber bands, pocket packs of tissue, hard candy (skittles! sweet tarts!!), spices, photos & cartoons & newspaper clippings, pens, pocket notebooks, tape or glue sticks, conference freebies (great to give to kids, esp balls and other toys), ziploc bags, binder clips, fabric scraps, hotel freebies or samples. Plus, of course, old (no matter how old!! this is Zambia!) magazines and paperback books, as we are sort of starved for reading material.

We promise to write back. And when you join the Peace Corps, we will write to you!!!

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