Friday, October 9, 2009

A rat update

Over lunch (they had meatballs but fed me a dish of pumpkin leaves that goes by the local name of chihuahua, which always makes me think of the Taco Bell dog, may he rest in peace), I told my colleagues about the giant rat. Clement says what I saw was actually a "cane cutter," a rat-like animal that eats grass and does not go into people's houses.

And, according to Clement, is delicious.

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Andy---01 said...

I've heard of Grasscutters, which is what they're called in Ghana. A Greater Cane Rat. Tony Bourdain ate one during his Ghana episode, and he approved of them.
So, do you guys supply the words for the word verification tool on this site? My current word verification is "thilly", which is a heck of a coincidence if it's random.

Don't know if you have heard any family news lately, but I have a daughter now. Molly Katherine was born 10/2/09. Mom and baby are doing great, and her older brother Nate is crazy about her... so far. Hope you guys are well, I keep forgetting about this site, so I've finally bookmarked it.