Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shameless request

I hate to turn this blog into nothing but a request line for package fixings, but if you are so inclined, here are some specific things I'm dreaming of following our recent trip to Shop Rite, where they sell peanut butter (thank god) but not Celestial Seasonings teas, alas.

-- mango ceylon or peach ceylon tea
-- decaf tea (Trevor especially enjoys Sleepytime)
-- Fantastic Foods chili mix (oh, how I miss cumin)
-- dark chocolate (yes, it will melt, but it will resolidify eventually), like especially those little Ghiradelli squares
-- seeds for sprouting (try the health food store)
-- generic Kool-Aid type packets (no sugar necessary-- there's plenty here) in cherry or lemonade
-- coffee grounds

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