Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wildlife sightings

Recently: A giant tarantula crawling up C's leg during language class. A headless green snake (mamba? Let's hope not!) being carried on a hoe across the lawn during language class. Baboons chilling out by the side of the road during the drive to Eastern Province.

Our new host mom spends the days during harvest season (now) guarding the maize fields against marauding monkeys, who try to steal the corn.


Mike said...

how great to see your back in the digital age. Living in your hut posting on your blog, i love the 21st century. Very great posts, i look forward to reading them all. I will try to write but i am a very bad slacker. :) Mike

Aunt Vanessa said...

I love reading your posts, Lisa! It makes me miss you just a tiny bit less than I actually do. Dawn and I are always asking each other, "Wonder what Lisa's up to?" Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor and Lisa,

What an adventure! You mentioned wanting homesteading type info - I have ALL the back issues of Mother Earth News and most other such books ever printed. Let me know what you most want info on and I will Xerox and send in one of those magical well-stuffed envelopes.
Can you open links if I send those in one of these comments?

Be free,

Greg and Julie Baka