Monday, May 5, 2008


my host mom takes her teaching seriously. The other day she sent of to fetch my dishes and led me down to the spring. She showed me how to scoop water and use a paste of soap and sand to scrub with a sponge that is a wad of string unraveled from a mealie meal sack. I didnt even bother trying to wash the black from my pot. So she took it from me making clucking sounds. It looked new in a flash. Then she balanced the dishes on her head for the walk back.

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moniCa said...

hi lisa and trevor!

hi, i am a pcv in south africa, hoping to travel in zambia at some point after finish in july 2008. my goal is to visit many pcvs along the way. i would like to try to contact the wider group and just pass along my email address to see if anyone is interested in hosting a wandering stranger :) please get in touch if you can: