Monday, July 14, 2008


Is the best tool for cross cultural and inter generational
communication ever. Yesterday i took advantage of the boys being gone
to teach my host sister how to throw. Lots of laughing. And the girl
has good aim too.

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Karen said...

Hi Lisa/Trevor:

I can appreciate your paean to the Frisbee and its ability to cross all sorts of interpersonal barriers. As you know, Isaac has his own communication/relationship challenges, so Jeff has been playing a lot of Frisbee with him this summer. It helps Isaac pay attention to his spatial relation to others, both when being thrown at(you really want to look at someone else who's about to fling a flying plastic disk at your head!)and when throwing the Frisbee himself. (He has to adjust his position to make sure he gets the Frisbee in Jeff's general vicinity -- something that doesn't come naturally.) That little plastic disk sure is a multifaceted social learning tool! ; )