Sunday, July 6, 2008

Garden report

The garden is jamming under Trevor’s diligent watering and weeding. Already we have harvested cilantro, basil and lettuce. Still to come are broccoli, beets, beans, tomatoes, spinach, and flowers. We have also been chowing on the lentil, alfalfa, broc, and radish sprouts my mom sent.

Our predecessor left a huge sack of seeds at the PC house in Chipata. We distributed some of them to our host family, who were most excited about carrots.

The other day, the friend of a friend gave us a curry root that looks sort of like ginger. I never suspected that curry is an actual plant. The Chichewa name for it is the same word as “yellow.”

Also, when we stopped to buy cookies during a long bike ride the other day, an old man presented Trevor with a shriveled fruit that he said will yield a plant that repels snakes. I wonder if there’s something we can plant for tarantulas.

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sherriH said...

Hi Lisa and Trevor!

I just have to tell you, when I read your blog I shake my head in amazement and imagine you over there... you must post a picture of your hut, or of the two of you sitting at a meal, so all your fans can better imagine your lives there.

It's a good thing you both are marathon runners -- that's the kind of endurance and patience I think one must need in the wilds of Zambia.

Keep having fun and learning and helping out the folks there -- and I bet they're having fun just having you two around!

sherri in st. paul where it is hot and humid but probably nothing like Zambia