Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Thanks to peace corps, I think i have found my true calling. I have
spent the last ten days organizing every room of the pc house in
chipata. Today i threw away three bins of scratched up old cds and
single socks. Also cleaned out both fridges. Yesterday it was moldy
board games. Before that, expired pills and empty shampoo bottles.
Ratty clothes.

Strangely i love throwing stuff away. Hard to believe for anyone who
has seen my collections, i'm sure, but i am a pro here. Ready to take
it to the next level. Not much call for junk cleaning in zambia
outside the pc community but i bet in america i could make a living at


Corri said...

they do have jobs like that in the states,.. but I think they could make them more exciting by turning them into reality tv shows... kind of a mixture between Flip This House (a home improvement show) and Nanny 911 (a discipline show featuring really bad kids and a boot camp nanny).

I would watch it!

Evan said...

I was recalling just the other day a time about 15 years ago when I was visiting a friend in Wisconsin(who was mostly at work while I was there). His fridge was totally skanky, and yes, I took pleasure in pitching and cleaning.
Compulsively yours,