Thursday, December 4, 2008


Many of the teachers at this week's training have never met a real
live white person before. My first clue was when people we don't know
lined up to get their picture snapped with us.

Then at lunch, someone asked if two of my pc colleagues are brother
and sister. They do both have very short hair. But caitlin is an irish
redhead and nearly six feet tall. Koh, her supposed twin, is small,
athletic and japanese american.

You would think that as much as people stare at us they would pick out
a few subtle differences.

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kcreemer said...

I love keeping up on your life through the blog! Thanks for the detailed and interesting tidbits. My fingers are crossed and I send healthy thoughts to Trev's baby trees. I will share with my class about the trashcans. This detail about the lack of trashcans was fascinating to them. Take care- wish we could trade some of your heat for some of our cold!! love, ker