Saturday, December 19, 2009


After traveling since wednesday, i am finally completely home. A
letter i sent from the airport arrived at its destination before i

It was great seeing Trevor and richard and another friend pulling up
at the airport. Also great: peeling off layers of warm clothes- It's
currently ninety degrees. And finding that all my luggage arrived.
Sadly, i accidentally melted chocolate on my phone, though It's
working well enough to send this message!

I was happy to be home in america and equally happy to come home to
Zambia. I feel pretty blessed by that.

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Janet said...

Hi Lisa and Trevor,
i have followed along with off and on, but never had an account so didn't ever send messages. I wish I had known you were in Columbia. We moved back here just about a year ago. it would have been fun to see you and hear about all your adventures. Visit my new blog
janet Ghio and George Dunn