Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sorry to have been absent this past week. Even though I rarely get any comments, I know people read this blog because the geeky analytic tools and my mom tell me so. I know how annoying it is to follow a blog that goes silent.

Honestly, I'm not feeling the love for Zambia right now. This week has brought a leaky roof, power outages, internet difficulties, belly-bombing greasy food, banking mysteries, compost full of fruit flies, volunteers needing medical attention, laundry that goes sour instead of drying, no mail, and all sorts of other petty frustrations. Nothing is major, but everything is annoying.

I don't want to be the type of blogger who complains constantly, especially since I don't want to freak out our new folks joining us in a month. So I've zipped my lips. But I'm trying to adjust my attitude and I'll be back. That's a promise!

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Kelly (aka "Grace") said...

Totally normal! Being pissed with the host country. Remember I told you about that? It's because you know you'll be outta there soon, but not soon enough, so you lose patience with things. I've been there. Just try to relax and get through it somehow and look for the spots of good things that you will truly miss once you're back here, and do them as much as possible.