Friday, January 22, 2010

Traveling with Trevor

Since this is our last voyage together in Zambia, It's fitting that
Trevor and i are basking in air conditioned comfort on the luxury bus
to Livingstone.

Yesterday we reunited in nyimba following Trevor's gardening workshop
and cruised into lusaka with his soggy laundry to stay in a decent
guesthouse where we enjoyed the cable tv and free breakfast. Now It's
onward on a rutted road that makes knitting impossible. Trevor is
trying to drown out Zambian gospel music with tunes from his newly
rebuilt mp3 player. He seems excited about billy bragg and john prine-
clearly he hasn't found the william shatner songs yet.


Karen said...

Drown out Zambian gospel music? Compared to some of the pop you've mentioned in previous posts, I would think the gospel would be worth listening to. Apparently not?

Lisa said...

If only the gospel were the lovely sounds of American urban gospel or even southern style. Alas, it's exactly like Zambian pop music, only with slightly different lyrics.