Sunday, April 11, 2010


I look forward to returning home not just because of my friends and
family and dog and taco bell. I also miss our cozy mr. Rogers
neighborhood with friends we can stop by and visit, a shop around the
corner where we can buy the sunday new york times, the picnic table in
our yard from which we often greet friends strolling by with their
kids and dogs.

I am especially missing that at this moment, as i sit outside our
locked gate, waving taxi dust out of my eyes as i wait for Trevor to
get home with our one key. If i were locked out in america, i could
walk to my parents' house or seek refuge with a neighbor- we know most
everybody on our street. Here, i swat mosquitos and get stared at by
all the strangers passing by.

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Darlene said...

Hey girl.. so since your return it imminent (or at least close) I want to know if you want some trash to treasure - old doors - heavy and not in great shape, but thought the artistic side of you might want them.. My grandfather-in-law is moving and had these stored.. haven't seen them, but I know you could do fab things with them... email me or fb about it if you want... I also have fabric if you want it....I'd trade out knitting lessons for my daughter who is ready to move to making socks...