Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home sweet village

Trevor leaves tomorrow for home while i stay two more weeks in the big
city training teachers.

He is excited to get back to where no running water or electricity
feels like camping rather than squalor.

Yesterday the power was out all day so at dinner time the housekeeper
here at the guest house lit us a brazier of charcoal. I sat with her
under the insaka out back and boiled pasta while she cooked beans. She
declared the noodles delicious and insisted on washing our dishes,
depriving Trevor of his usual chore. I have a feeling he will get even
more spoiled this week in the village as our host family fusses over
him. They don't approve of the way i let him help with woman work. He
may spend the week behind an ox cart instead.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and Trevor,
So! I see you need a message or two or three...??? I'm Patt Behler (F), live in Jefferson City and am a member of the Central MO RPCV group. Why not write to Lisa and Trevor, said I? However, I see that Trevor will be "going home" and you will be there two more weeks. Does that mean you will be in the US for a while or permanently? I haven't had time to read all of your blogs but get the idea that 1/3 of your PC time has already passed. I also realize that HOT HOT HOT is a problem and RAIN RAIN RAIN is also a problem, I think.
I'm glad you have had the opportunity to be with friends etc for Thanksgiving.
Sometime, hopefully(not next year),I'll tell you about my PC Thanksgiving in Peru.(PC 62-64)

I understand how much you could be missing NPR; I would too. Scott
Simon is almost a hero to me; this last Sat he was introducing a "new" holiday concept for the US; a national day of listening, and he was interviewing his mother, who (a widow, I think, during his growing up) and she complimented him on being such a good companion and cheerful person, he actually cried on the radio. Really touching.
Maybe more later....don't eat the caterpillars,please. Best, Patt B

PS Don't know how blogs work re communication; my e-mail is in case you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Hello again! What a joke! I see that as anonymous I've told "the world" who I am and how to reach me...I'm a relatively innocent computer user I guess. No harm, I think.PB