Thursday, November 20, 2008

More wildlife

Sightings this week include a tiny green snake in the outhouse, the
banana sized slugs that have come out since the rain started, a giant
monkey up by the water hole, and the lady who tried to steal my shoes.

There was no power in town for a few days so our phones died. Also i
have been slogging on the word challenge. Up past thirty thousand
words but i'm way behind on letters and email. So hello and sorry if
anyone feels neglected. I'll write in dec but Trevor is keeping up so
you may hear from him first. Unless you are a reader who we don't
actually know in which case you should leave a comment and say hi
because i am fascinated that anyone beyond my patient and kindhearted
friends reads this. My mom doesn't even read it! So thanks..

I am procrastinating typing up today's words. I bet you figured that
out already. Ok bye.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I read your writing every day. And usually check through the day so see how you are. Maybe you could think of me as your fairy godmother with limited ability. I read and send happy thoughts to you. Bob Boon just showed me how to really work this system so you might actually get these words. Beginning to get cold her. Life is good even with cold weather.

kcreemer said...

I passionately read your blog with great interest! I love that I can have such interesting details of your experience! We send our freezing cold love from LSMO! Love, KC

Anonymous said...

I read your blog too! Of course I do. Love, H

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving for PC Zambia in July 2012, reading your blog has helped a lot in my planning. The packing list was a great addition, though now I'm not sure how I'm going to stuff it all in a bag. Can't wait for Africa!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad this old blog is helpful! Bon voyage to Zambia. It is quite a place.