Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We returned to the village yesterday and after dinner our friend
stopped by for the Obama stuff i brought him. He slapped the bumper
sticker on his bus before driving off to change into the shirt and
watch election returns.

We got two texts before we had gotten out of bed. We are all very
excited here.

Not so thrilling is the heat. Io bed last night i had pools of sweat.
Actual drops. I am more of a glisten person in general. But this is
professional level heat. When we hang up the new thermometer we will
know just how bad.

Trevor says instead of doubling peace corps, Obama should get us air
conditioning. I would take a fan even.

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Karen said...

Lisa, we did it! Well, not Missouri specificaly, although we got *really* close, and without Nader would have done it. (And who knows -- we might still. The NY Times still has yet to declare the winner in Missouri...) Anyhow, it was wonderful seeing you when you were back, and I hope your friend enjoys his "Obama stuff" even more now! Jeff and I are going to go down to Obama HQ and get some more gear now that we're sure our overly apparent interest (the Kerry-Edwards shirts still haunt ; )) won't jinx things. Today I can say it -- I'm proud to be an American!

P.S. We enjoyed the story about you in the Tribune!