Sunday, August 23, 2009


The other day we got one of those rarest of Peace Corps treats: a completely unexpected package of awesomeness from an old friend (of Trevor's, since high school!).

The box was like a perfect mix tape, blending old favorites (Cracker Jacks! An entire St. Louis Post-Dispatch!) and snappy newness (hurricane mix! hippie necklaces! lime tea!). So far this week it's yielded two outstanding dinners, one featuring an entire bag of corn chips (alas, on the one day Chipata was out of avocados; we made do with salsa and refried beans). The foil-packed chickpeas came with a CD of Indian classical music, so it was almost like we were in a real restaurant.

Thanks Dave and Deborah! Trevor's writing you a real letter while I pick Oreos out of my teeth.

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Dmob said...

Glad you liked it! We had a lot of fun putting it together - I just wish the box was bigger. Sorry the letter was a bit rushed - I vowed to get the package out and mailed before we left on vacation. Of course I was packing it together on the last night (which meant the letter was a bit hasty).