Monday, August 24, 2009

Psychic greetings

I'm sending birthday wishes through the atmosphere to my grandma, Wibbie, who celebrates 98 years on the planet earth today. I wish I could take her out for a hot ham and cheese sandwich (her favorite) or better yet, a big pile of candy (her real favorite).

With any luck, this time next year we'll celebrate 99 together.

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seestersu said...

another thing to look forward to returning to next year is the tractor show in Boonville! Reese and your Dad are whooping it up in Rollag right now.

You knew your Mom, the kids and I all went to that show a couple of years ago, right? It was kind of fun, maybe we can all go next year when you and Trevor are back! The most interesting part Reese and your Dad's "gang". They are a hoot and Reese is kind of like a whole other person around the "gang" - decidedly un-grumpy!

XO Susan

PS, I have to tell you, I'm soooo excited, Julie Alexander is pregnant! I think they've been working at this for a few years, now. She's due in February, so you will get to see her new baby when you return!

I saw Ann or Lisa (I don't really know them apart only as an entity), but the pregnant teacher one. What did she have? Boy or girl?