Monday, August 31, 2009

More obsessing about food

During last week's trip to Lusaka, I managed to stuff my bag with lots of culinary goodness, like cheese tortellini and brown rice (no Crisco this time-- I'm on a health kick). A health food store has opened up, giving me unprecedented access to things like stevia and wheat gluten. The later is a key ingredient to one of the more bizarre un-meat things we used to eat in Americaland, vegetarian pepperoni. I bought a sack of it and now have a log of pepperoni roasting in the oven.

I continue to appreciate Chipata's range of fruits and vegetables. Though the produce counter at Shoprite would fit in your trunk, they do carry four different kinds of apples. And though the market continues to lack avocado, lately we've been blessed with butternut squash, fresh ginger, and eggplant.

Then there's the bag of chocolate chips in the pantry, crying out to become cookies.


Karen said...

Chocolate chip cookies with no Crisco? Don't go there ; ) Obviously you want some -- or mostly -- butter, but without the Crisco they'll flatten out too much (and I say this as someone who likes flattish, rather than cake-like, chocolate chip cookies). Anyhow, happy baking!

P.S. Thank you so much for the wonderful letter and utterly charming hot pad. I owe you a nice long letter in return...

Lisa & Trevor said...

I only didn't buy the Crisco because I already have some! And I didn't go to the place that sells it this time. Don't worry, I wouldn't make butter-only cookies; I agree that they're disagreeably flat and crispy.

Karen said...

Good -- I will worry no more!