Monday, September 22, 2008


Now that i'm home from chipata, Trevor has gone there for a meeting.
No time for me to be lonely or bored though. The minute he drove away,
the girls dragged me over and did my hair. A princess lea do only with
multiple buns. I took pictures.

Today i rode over to zingalume school to talk about american education
at the 6 am teacher meeting. Later i will ride to town to help the
post guys with their new computer and visit the tailor. Or maybe i
will grab a puppy and enjoy a few moments of quiet.

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kcreemer said...

Thank you, Trevor, for the wonderful letter. It was fantastic to hear of your work, your days and your plans. You are welcome at our house or our dinner table anytime. No reservations required. When you are in town if you need a bed or a meal, our home is always open. see what works in your plans. My class loved the money- thinking of having them write to your villagers...send a message through the stratosphere if this is something that would be useful/ you guys!! KC