Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If you're a regular blog reader, you'll know that last week I met a lady who works with PWAs who crochet to try and make a living, and I was hoping that eventually they could sell their stuff to rich white people traveling to the game parks nearby.

At yesterday's otherwise not that interesting meeting, one of the guys told me he was able to find a carpenter to produce wood crochet hooks for me, at a price of 2 pin each (about 75 cents). Furthermore, he was planning to bring me 10 today (he will have to settle for Trevor).

Today when I was trying to figure out how to hook into Chipata's wireless cloud (I know!! And it would cost me three months' salary! It ain't gonna happen!), in the internet-place waiting room I met a lady who works at a lodge at a game park. They have a gift shop! They are just getting started and would love to talk about selling crafts from the village! Here's her card!

It will all come together. Well, maybe not the internet thing. But all the other stuff.

Also, the ice cream parlor that was going to open in June? They have tables and a cooler now, and they're advertising for help. Things are looking good.

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