Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nuts & bolts

In case you’re a newish reader, I wanted to post a note about how this blog makes its way to the web. Unless I’m in town, which is rare these days, I compose entries on my cell phone. Then I email the posts to the blog using Gmail, when I can get enough bars on the phone for the message to go.

When we first arrived, I couldn’t read Gmails at all. Now, Yahoo won’t work on my cell phone but Gmail will. Go figure. If you send a comment, it will be forwarded to me automatically, and I can read it, but I can’t see your email address to write back to you. For that matter, I can’t see any email addresses to respond, so unless I have your email memorized or written on paper, I can’t send you a message. I know, it’s stupid and frustrating. But it’s better than nothing, right?

I do cherish the comments and emails I get, and try to respond eventually. Unfortunately, even in town I rely on the whims of dial-up internet and frequent power outages, so if it seems like your messages disappear into a black hole, they sort of do. Except that I appreciate them.

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