Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trevor's job

Several people have asked what tre does. Officially he is an agro
forestry extension agent. I'm so much more, he says. Specifically he
is distributing seeds for multiplication, mentoring some kid
environment clubs, recording radio pieces and growing conservation
trees. Also he buys a lot of junk at the market, listens to jazz,
searches for stations on his world band radio and glues found pictures
into cast off books. Same old Trevor.

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Mark! said...

Hi Trevor! On the day I mailed you a letter, thinking you would receive it before visiting Missouri, I received your letter. So I guess I will see you and Lisa sooner than I thought and you will have a letter, waiting upon your return to Zambia. Today I showed the YouthBuild students your 50 kwacha bill and that was a great start to a discussion on "Taxes, Recordkeeping and Contracts" before I finished with readings from the Confluence "Healing" issue and showing them a ripe golden yellow tomato, discussing how growing your own food is cheaper and more nutritious than eating nutty bars. I kept picking on nakeyta and her nutty bar, but the students started the verbal touche, saying they dont eat tomatoes, especially tomatoes with unusual colors. (yellow?) Things are going really well here including the bakery brunch that promises to be open 3 days a week in November. Looking forward to seeing you in stl and columbia!