Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This morning Trevor and our visitor Andy took off on bikes to Chipata around 5:30. Havaca, Ashlee and I got picked up in a taxi around 6. As usual, the first stop was to buy just enough gas to get to Chipata. We stopped at the gas station-- itself a first, as for our first year in the village, the gas station didn't have gas; instead, drivers bought fuel from a guy behind a bar.

Alas, the power was out, so the pumps wouldn't pump. We sat for about an hour, waiting for the power to come back. Hava and I walked to the market for fritters. I ripped out the ribbing of my March sock and started again. Finally, a guy showed up with a plastic jug of gas, and we were off.

We passed the guys on their bikes about 10 minutes outside of town. We had just enough time to take hot showers before they arrived.

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