Friday, March 13, 2009


For breakfast, we ate egg sandwiches with crunchy soy pieces (I didn't rehydrate them quite enough) and tomato slices that were almost as icky as American winter tomatoes, to the accompanying sounds of our family and some other guys loading a cow onto a flatbed truck headed to Zambeef to get carved up.

Yesterday at breakfast we discovered that the household children had been rifling through our dirty dishes to steal our spoons. (Mom found the missing spoons among the kids' stuff.) I thought there was just a silverware black hole in Chadiza, because we "lost" an entire set of forks and knives already.

Since we returned from Chipata last week, every article of clothing in our house has an inch-long bagworm attached to it. The other day I picked one off the seat of Trevor's shorts.

I am ready to move.

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