Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trash part two

Trash is a matter of perspective. Elizabeth from the coop stopped by
to talk jelly and sewing (now they're making table cloths too, be
still my heart) and noticed the huge pile of cans by the fence. We
have collected them all year not sure what to do with them since they
won't burn. We had planned to lug them to town. She wants them to
start tree seedlings in.

I told her to come back whenever to collect them. She said she would
return this afternoon because otherwise somebody might steal them.

Our host mom came by to supervise the packing and advised me to wrap
our tin cups in cloth so they will be comfortable for the ride to

Speaking of chipata, we were happy that nothing disappeared while we
were gone last week. Unless you count our outhouse, which appears to
have imploded due to its leaky roof plus monsoon rains. Glad i was
nowhere nearby when the floor caved in! Tomorrow It's flush plumbing
for us.

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