Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The snowman Peeps were the first clue. Lea is usually more freshness-sensitive than, say, my mom, from whom I fully expect to receive last year's leftover Halloween chocolate only when she cleans out the candy bowl in preparation for Easter.

Also, the letter mentioned voting. For president.

So I finally checked the postmark on the package that arrived yesterday. It was mailed in November!

While I offer kudos to the world's postal efforts in getting this package halfway around the planet, I do have to wonder if the envelope spent a few months on a desert island or in a time warp.


Anonymous said...

Check out this peep shirt.

Anonymous said...

Zambeef and copper? Energy and irrigation costs? All small scale? 10,000 per hectre? Commodities affected by global depression?

Maybe trading their commodity is a bad idea?