Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Trevor is having a stellar and unusual birthday! First Castro resigns, then we join the Peace Corps.

We met up with our PC buddies A&A at curbside drop-off in St. Louis and got to be nervous with them at the airport. We compared luggage-- we're roughly equal, with about a zillion pounds each. I may even have a kitchen sink in there somewhere.

In DC, Trevor's dad met us at the airport with dried prunes. That's a birthday cake Trevor can get excited about.

Our hotel room has free (albeit slow) internet access, warm M&M cookies in the lobby (also free) and a rack rate (posted on the back of the door) of $500 a night. Thanks, taxpayers of the USA!

Having a wonderful time; wish we were there (Zambia, that is-- we're anxiously/ eagerly awaiting that 16-hour flight).

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Aunt Vanessa said...

I can't believe you are really GONE. I wish you and Trevor the best and will miss you! xoxo