Sunday, February 3, 2008


One of the information books we've received from PC tells us to prepare for the possibility that some of the people we work with may die while we're there.

I wasn't prepared for people to die here.

Gail Shen died this week. She embodied childlike wonder and old-soul wisdom, wrapped in a package of baby-doll dresses and bouncy blonde curls. She operated a magical little shop that captivated me (and many of my $3 allowances) as a child. I worked there off and on as an adult, until pursuing a "real job" seemed more important.

One reason I quit my job to join the Peace Corps is that I resented being consumed by full-time work that kept me from treasured relationships. Unfortunately, this came too late for me to renew my friendship with Gail. I neglected her in the last months of her life. I will always regret this.

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Heath said...

Oh. This makes me truly sad. Good-Bye, Gail.