Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The noticing types who visit this site may have seen a new name under "Contributers."

My friend Grace has agreed to take on the role of Press Secretary. She'll update the blog if we become unable to do so, will forward emails as necessary, and generally will act as head gossiper of all things Trevor & Lisa-related.

Grace & I met on the Appalachian Trail in 1996. We told stories, sang bluegrass songs, laughed until we almost peed, shared care package booty, and agreed on the necessity of decent underwear at all times.

The other night, Trevor and I had drinks with our neighbors R and A. R is a returned volunteer from West Africa. Eight months in, he got medically evacuated to DC with kidney stones, accompanied by a morphine drip and a French nurse wearing leather pants. He calls it a highlight of his experience.

R's spin on the PC inspired and reminded me what I learned with Grace on the trail: Everybody hikes her own hike. On the trail, sometimes that meant we took a day off or stuck out our thumbs. My last job taught me that trying to hide your essential self -- for me, humor and irreverence -- kills your soul. Being myself is amazing grace.

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