Saturday, June 14, 2008


we finally got our new bikes last week. This means we no longer share one, a huge improvement in our quality of life. We celebrated by riding them home from chipata, a five hour trek.
I have already had my first flat tire. I was prepared to fix it myself with my pc issued pump and patch kit but Zambian men can not abide a damsel in distress so several stopped to help. And to get a look at the highly coveted trek mountain bike, i suspect. A guy appropriately named gabriel got me back on the road.
A few days earlier we had another mishap when our approach caused a kid to steer his ox cart into a pothole. The hitch came loose and the ox ran into the ditch. We stopped along with several Zambians of course and got it fixed.
Luckily the bikes came with shiny new helmets too. Hazards abound. And opportunities.

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