Wednesday, June 18, 2008


In emails, people keep asking what they can send us. When they ask, I can never think of anything. This is very frustrating since there are a million things we crave, and since getting a package is the high point of any day.
Unfortunately, it seems impossible to send cheese, wi-fi, and friends through the mail.
That said, we would groove on coffee, powdered cheese mix things, coffee, powdered mashed potatoes, coffee, Bacos (the fake kind, not the real bacon kind), coffee, and magazines, as always. Also, I know I said to quit sending candy, but as I finish up a bag of Valentine’s Day conversation hearts, I have already started craving those candy-corn-style pumpkins you can only get at Halloween. So if there’s any holiday-specific candy floating around, send it to Zambia! And coffee.
We are rationing out the last of what Lea sent us a few weeks ago. Trevor actually recycled a batch of grounds the other day in an attempt to stretch out the precious grounds a little further. Isn't that sad? Doesn't it make you want to send us coffee?


Lea said...

I mailed you another LB 2 day. Coffee Rocks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Next Wednesday the PedNet folks are going to mail you some coffee.


Cor said...

Yes, we have coffee on the way for you! Its Fair Trade Nicaragua from Lakota... so this coffee will be well traveled for you drinking enjoyment.
we put in in ziplocs cause the lakota bag wouldn't fit in the envelope. But it will stay fresher 1:)
do you have a way to grind the beans? we were worried about that so we got ground to be safe.
sounds like you are getting along!