Thursday, June 19, 2008


One of the excellent things about shopping in Zambia is having access to European thrift castoffs. There's a lot of American stuff, too, but it's not as funky.
Much of what's offered in local markets still has markdown tags from Value Village and Goodwill. This morning, we bought a circa-1970 flowered fitted sheet and coveted a Holly Hobbie bedspread that could have come straight from the Midwestern canopy bed of any girl I grew up with.
Just for fun, we priced bales of rags. Trevor has always talked about opening a thrift store. Maybe in Zambia we'll finally do it!
The bales are sorted by category. You can buy women’s t-shirts, sweat suits, men’s blazers, children’s stuffed toys (today we saw a pile with one random Scooby Doo slipper mixed in), boxer shorts. All used, mind you. A 45-kg bundle ranges in price from 575,000 kwacha to more than a million.

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Nicole Overeem said...

What fun! I'm so glad you can still be thrifniks in Africa. I love your blog and will be reading it weekly thanks to Stephanie Foley. Keep up the good work and post more pictures if you can.