Thursday, June 5, 2008


A few years ago the New York Times magazine ran a great piece following a t-shirt from a New York thrift store to an African market. We have taken our place in that cycle, from the sacks I delivered to the Salvation Army during our move to the shirt I am wearing today. I bought it out of a pile on the street in Chipata for 1500 kwacha, about 40 cents. It had a thrift tag stapled on marking it down from a buck seventy nine. I washed it but it still smells like a thrift store. Trevor saw a guy in a shirt from Tuscaloosa, where we went to grad school. Soon we will see something we donated ourselves and will have to decide if we should buy it back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor and Lisa,

This is Robert Johnson. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

GetAbout seems to boring compared to your peace corp service!!

If you need anything let me know by responding to this comment and PedNet will send it right to you.