Saturday, July 11, 2009


After perhaps the least relaxing vacation ever, we are finally on the
bus back to Lusaka.

Fittingly we kicked off the trip by again getting up at four to walk
to the station. Then Trevor got sick several times, including in a
cereal box, which in case you wondered is not water tight.

The good news is the bus trip is otherwise smooth, our smooshed friend
is doing ok in a south africa hospital, and our friends in america
picked a name for boy number three. (congratulations mamas and

It's up and down in africa as always but as long as the batteries hold
up in the radios i think we are hanging in there.

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Karen said...

I'm glad to hear your friend is on the mend. You may not have known that you had another friend -- Helen -- who was also in the hospital but is now on the mend, but it was pretty scary ealier in the week. She got a virulent infection from a *paper cut*, of all things, and on Monday they were worried she could even lose her hand. Luckily (very luckily), she responded to treatment and is now recovering at home. Whew!