Monday, July 20, 2009

Newbies, oldbies

Lately there's been a little too much traveling without Trevor, but that changes tomorrow when I head down to Lusaka to meet up with him and to await the arrival of the next group of PC trainees!

Preparing for the first site visits of the newbies has got me thinking a lot about how excited and freaked out we were back in the winter of 2008 when we were cramming a ridiculous amount of crap into gigantic suitcases, saying goodbye to our neighborhood and families and pets, and sipping those final margaritas. Last night I picked up an old journal to make a "to do" list and opened to my own first site visit, when Zambia was blowing my mind every minute. I'm thankful that nothing here seems as overwhelming or alien as it did those first few weeks.

Even though I was coming home to a Trevor-less house tonight, I felt a surge of contentment upon opening the door to our cozy little nest. OK, it doesn't hurt that I left a burgeoning going-away party and returned to our friendly Italian neighbor and a quiet house full of knitting projects and Project Runway. Even better was when I went out back with my headlamp to pluck a handful of arugula for dinner. Life is good.

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