Friday, January 23, 2009


I think we are finally ready to admit that we are outnumbered by the
books on our shelves. At this point, I think our backlog is bigger
than what we can hope to read before we return to the land of the
public library in 2010. So unless you have an amazingly compelling
piece of nonfiction to send us, we probably don't need any more books.

Ouch. That hurt.

That said, we will always make time for magazines. Except that I think
we now own the complete set of People magazines from 2008.

I also have more yarn that I can hope to knit up, though I am always
willing to pass it along to needy knitters. If anybody has some
unwanted DPNs hanging around, that is one knitting supply that's
un-buyable here.

If you are still dying to send us a package, like for Trevor's
upcoming birthday (hint hint!), we could always use news from home and
snacks: seasoning packs (for example, taco and Chinese ones), any nuts
other than peanuts (the only nut available in Zambia!), those
water-bottle drink packs, any food that doesn't require cooking
(granola bars, etc). Surprise us! We are far from starving but we do
get sick of eating peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every day.

If you know Trevor, you remember how much he loves Wacky Packages,
Fritos, Emergen-C, and insightful analysis of Cardinals seasons past
and future. If you just send him a letter, he will be thrilled.

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