Wednesday, January 14, 2009


With Trevor in Chipata the other night, I started thinking about how
my experience here would be different if I were a single volunteer.

Without anybody to chat with in English, I'm sure my language skills
would be better, though I would also talk to myself much more. I would
be more connected with my host family and community. I would probably
get more reading done. I could sleep in the middle of the bed without
getting an elbow to the ribs.

But I wouldn't have anybody to cook for, to share in the glee of
packages with, to plan trips with, to lounge around with on the reed
mat watching the stars shift.

In Zambia, we rely on each other more than ever before. Every day
we're more grateful for each other. I know that the challenge of Peace
Corps service rips some relationships to shreds. For us, it has been a

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