Saturday, January 31, 2009

love, hate

Hate, hate, hate mosquitos. They come out at dusk and find my ears for
hours on end. We light mosquito coils, even in the living room while
watching movies, because they are everywhere, carrying their dreaded
medicine-proof malaria.

Love, love, love the sometimes odd movies our friend Janet sends us
from her video store. Tonight we watched a German one that made us all
want to hitchhike in Europe.

Also I love our friend Victor, who just called to say he's going to
send his bus by tomorrow to collect us and take us back to the
village. He wanted to know how many muzungus to expect. Muzungus=
white people. Yep, that's us. Victor loves Obama. His bus is the one
with the Obama sticker on it, scored by my mom on his behalf.

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