Saturday, January 3, 2009


Meg is back from her vacation in Malawi and we are all very happy
about this because she is fun and also because she makes homemade
baked goods and is at this very moment whipping up a batch of her
famous mango salsa. Yea, Meg!

Trevor and I are packing up for our big bike trip home tomorrow. A
little piece of me hopes that a canter truck will offer us a ride,
hopefully within the first hour. But the rest of me is ready for the
challenge of a five-plus hour bike ride. I think. On Koh's advice, we
are going to stay on the road instead of taking the shortcut that led
us through wheel-sucking mud and over the washed-out bridge last time.

Today I geared up for tomorrow's ride by getting spectacularly lost
looking for a meeting. My odometer says I cycled more than 10 km. The
elusive office is about 1 km from the PC house. Um, oops.

The woman I met with runs a community magazine focusing on youth,
gender issues and health. Also she does outreach with commercial sex
workers, teaching about HIV and income-generation through crafts.
Seriously. Cool.

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