Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Way to go, Reese

I want to publically how proud I am of my big brother. In earning his
MBA last month, he has completed what I can only imagine is a rare
triple-crown of higher education: a degree from each institute of
higher education in our hometown.

The MBA makes him co-alumni with my mother. When she attended,
Stephens College was strictly a women's school where the young ladies
wore pearls to dinner.

Unlike me, a school nerd who fondled my new notebooks while dying of
anticipation every September, played school on break, and nearly
fainted when I saw teachers in the supermarket (they were actual human
beings?!?!?), my brother's relationship with school has often been
contentious, uneasy and difficult. The fact that it didn't seem
effortless makes his accomplishment that much more impressive.

Congratulations bro! I'm proud of you.

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