Monday, January 12, 2009

Fast food

In America, when you are unexpectedly away from home over a meal time,
you can duck into a Taco Bell or stop by the quick shop for a bag of
Fritos and a big, icy diet Dr. Pepper.


Here in Zambia, there are no quick shops. But there is usually
something to eat. The other day when Trevor & I ran out of snacks
after we rode our bikes to Teferensone, we bought fried soy flour
fritters (they were about as good as you're imagining right now;
though maybe more stale) and bananas from ladies sitting by the road.
Other times we have enjoyed buns, mangos, meat pies (Trevor does eat
them) or samosas (tiny triangles of fried dough filled with rice).
When the bus to Lusaka stops at a road block, ladies swarm up to the
windows proffering boiled eggs, bananas, and little bags of frozen
water or frozen "Jolly Juice," the local version of Kool-Aid that
comes in flavors of cola and pineapple.

So far we have not starved to death or been forced to resort to
cannibalism. Yet.

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