Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I visited the cooperative ladies of Musalila yesterday. We put zippers
into the small bags we've been sewing for the last month. Since there
was a funeral nearby, only a small part of the group showed up. The
ladies who were there had identified who was best at each part of the
process (one is good with arranging patches, another loves sewing
flowers and is studying my embroidery book), so they promised to teach
the others and have finished bags to show me next week.

I am thrilled at how quickly and enthusiastically they've taken
ownership of the project. I feel like I could disappear and they would
carry on. This was my intention all along.

While we waited for everybody to show up, I showed a couple of the
ladies how to knit in the round. They noticed that one of my sets of
needles is made from wood. I could see the wheels turning-- hey, we
have wood! We could make these!

Next week I'm bringing my giant wooden crochet hooks that a guy in
another village made for me. We're going to try making rag rugs.

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