Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Trevor received a birthday package (early!!) from his ex-step-mom Tanya. It was a wonderfully random assortment of things that show how well she knows us, including (among other things) coffee candy (I had forgotten how delicious that stuff is), pages from our hometown newspaper, giant plastic cups from one of the best pizza places on the planet, a PedNet t-shirt, sticky notes from the public library, a travel magazine from Minnesota that has me jonesing for the Boundary Waters.

We're like kids who are as excited about the cardboard box as the toy inside. One of my favorite items in Tanya's package was the recycling blue bag she wrapped everything in. Living in a grass-roofed house during the rainy season, we covet huge, thick plastic bag. Columbia makes the best ones. Thanks, Tanya!

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Karen said...

And those blue recycling bags make excellent dirty laundry bags for trips. I couldn't do without them!