Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Run run run

This morning I dragged myself out of bed for a run and was rewarded by the completely unexpected sight of another runner.!! This is the first time I have ever seen another person running in Zambia, besides people who are clearly just In A Hurry and the kids who sometimes romp alongside me for a few yards, laughing hysterically.

This other runner looked burly. I speculated that he's a famous athlete in town visiting family, like I read about sometimes in Runners World. I was just happy that the two times we passed each other I was not taking a walk break.

I'm still running my way through the Terry Gross interviews. Today, Michael Caine and the poet Billy Collins. Terry fawned over Collins like a teenage girl. It was very un-Terry Gross.

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Corri said...

I heard her fawn over Robert Plant like a teenage girl once! It was cute! I think I would be more disturbed if I ever heard Amy Goodman fawning over someone like a teenage girl.