Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We read online that milk won oscars. Sadly we missed almost all this
year's contenders. But yesterday a farmer we visited gave us a jug of
fresh milk. By morning it was chunky so i may try to make butter. From
researching in my country living books i think cheese requires
cultures i don't have. And non aluminum pans. If butter doesn't work,
at least the dogs will get a good snack. I'm sure ancient people made
cheese without supplies found on the internet but i don't know where
to find good bacteria. Though i suspect there is plenty of bacteria to
be had here.

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Karen said...

My dad used to call cheese "controlled putrefaction." It sounds as though you have the putrefaction, but not the control ; ) Anyhow, I hope the milk ends up in a form that will be good for someone (or somedog).