Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blue bag

I've been thinking about how nutty it probably sounds that I am in love with city of Columbia blue recycling bags. But honestly, they're the best bags in the world. They were my friend on the Appalachian Trail and I love them even more in Africa.

When we did laundry the other day, we used one to pre-soak our sheets while we scrubbed the other clothes. I ask you, what wimpy plastic bag could hold up?

They're good for storage, too. We live in a house with no closets but an abundance of moisture and termites. Our extra blanket lives in a blue bag, tied tight and shoved under the bed. The yarn for the HIV-positive group has spent the past few months awaiting handoff snug and dry in yet another blue bag, despite being dripped on by one of the many roof leaks. I love the bags so much that I briefly considered giving away the yarn but keeping the bag, but I realized that would be obnoxious.

Maybe I should start a Facebook group and see if anybody else out there is a fan.


Karen said...

I see I left my own paean to the blue bags on the wrong post! (You know I'm a stickler -- and would always catch up on your posts in the proper chronological order ; )) While I can't say mine see the heavy-duty action yours do, I still appreciate them an awful lot...

Laurie said...

I don't live in a developing country -- just Colorado -- but I also dream of getting Columbia's blue recycling bags. It's a really good day whenever Mom and Dad deliver something to us in one, and we horde it for a very special use.