Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The ride, part 2

I stopped by Victor's shop for a drink and talked to Daniel, who's been here running the shop for weeks. Daniel said the truck I was waiting for on Monday didn't even arrive in Chipata until after I'd given up and gone to bed. They left for Chadiza at 1 a.m.!! (Mind you, they're traveling on the bumpiest road on the planet, full of mudslides, gulleys, and potholes that are terrifying even in daylight.) So, so glad I chose sleep instead.

I'm waiting to go back to collect our mail. The post guy said to return at 2, but I've been stalling because I don't want to seem TOO EAGER, although it's making me chew off my arm. I remember feeling like this back when I dated. Waiting to call to avoid the appearance of desperation. I don't think it worked then, either.

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