Saturday, February 28, 2009


Daniel, who's been running Victor's store lately, is taking college courses from a school in the US. He just finished marketing and showed me the books for his current class: Freshman Composition! I've taught that class more times than I can count, and (except for grading mountains of essays) I always love it.

Ah, the hefty little book of grammar rules (misplaced modifiers! coordinating conjunctions!), the collection of classic essays (Hello, my friends! Annie Dillard! William Zinsser!), the packet of assignments (narrative! descriptive! persuasive!). Those familiar books make me homesick even more than a whiff of coconut suntan lotion or the taste of Twizzlers.

I told Daniel I'd help him with his homework. What I want to do is cozy up with that book of essays at the coffee shop.

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