Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The art of delegating

I was a little nervous about turning over control of the provincial Thanksgiving dinner to a trio of volunteers, because even though I have absolutely no interest in planning or cooking, I do remain a steadfast control freak. (Something else I inherited from my mom. Thanks, Mom!)

However, I've been thrilled and even a little astonished at how well things have worked out so far. The PCVs planned carefully, set limits, budgeted, and collected more money than they thought they'd need. They even made an advance trip to the market to arrange for one of the seller ladies to travel to the border to buy all the vegetables they'd need and negotiated with her to throw in a substantial amount of freebies because they spent so much.

Even yesterday, they had set a dessert deadline and told people when the kitchen will close to go into Thankgiving mode. Of course, last night I read in the Thanksgiving issue of Better Homes and Gardens (thanks, Michelle!) that you're supposed to start thawing your turkey five days in advance, and I'm pretty sure ours (thanks, Lusaka staff!) is still in the freezer.

There are always a few little glitches, right?

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